Monday, November 15, 2004

Saturday Night Fever

So, I had an adventurous saturday night. First, I went to see Bill in "Damn Yankees." Bill playes Applegate, and was FANTASTIC. He had one line that absolutely killed me dead, and a fantastic solo that killed me deader. If you don't know the play, it's about a baseball fan who sells his soul so that his beloved Washington Senators (now our Minnesota Twins) can beat those Damn Yankees and go to the World Series. It wakes place in DC in the 50's, which means plenty of political references, including Bill's Big Line That Killed Me. See, Aplegate is the devil. Satan. Beelza-whatever. And at one point he's complaining about job stress, especially in light of recent elections.

Cue audience laughter that won't stop.

Anyway, Bill rocks and the show was cuter than should be strictly legal, and from there (because who needs sleep, really?) I went straight to uptown, met up with Esther and Mark for pre-movie drinks, then saw the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean on the big screen. Yes, I own the movie, but I never saw i in the theater the first time around, and midnight shows at the Uptown are well known for being fan-friendly (we won't talk about the recitation of lines going on in that theater, except to say it wasn't me... really). The best part was the spontaneous applause at appropriate movie moments, like when Captain Jack Sparrow first walke on to the dock from the mast of his boat. Well deserved, that.

So, yes, I love the night life. Only, I'm still so wiped I took a three-hour nap this afternoon.


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