Sunday, January 30, 2005

For the Record

There is something that holds men accountable for their sexual actions: women's right to choose. If a guy knows that a woman's choice stands between him and a good chunk of his paycheck for the next eighteen years, he's probably a fuck of a lot less likely to refuse to wear a raincoat.

Having an abortion is not a "cop-out." It is an invasive surgical procedure for which, at least in Minnesota, one must go through a degrading preparation procedure that involves exaggeration of the risks of the procedure and mandated psychological evaluation, so that by the time you are on the table, after having first made a very difficult decision, you are more scared and more emotionally drained than you were when you came in. This is not "the easy way out."

EDIT: Wait, since we're holding everyone accountable for the outcomes of their sexual encounters, no more treatment for STDs! I mean, unless you know you WANT to contract one there's no way you'd have sex, right? Because even with protection there's still a CHANCE you might end up on the itchy and scratchy show. Why should doctors provide services for an outcome that you KNEW was possible?

Yeah, sounds pretty fucked up, right?


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