Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Iggy Pop

So, I've never bothered to figure out where I knew the song that they use on those annoying cruise ship commercials comes from. You know the one, where the guy's lining up a mini-golf putt and he misses it when the ship's horn blows? Then this song kicks in, and I knew I'd heard it because, dude, Iggy Pop.... Anyway, the song is Lust For Life, and the funniest part is that when you read the lyrics (or listen to the song, if you've got it at hand, which I didn't), and you realize why it sounds as if it's been judiciously edited. Seriously, those must have been some drunken ad execs:

Exec 1: Dude, what could possibly sell MORE cruises to paradise?
Exec 2: Wait, I've got it! Lots of illicit sex and drugs.
Exec 1: Dude, we can't show that on TV!
Exec 2: *hiccups* That's why the good lord gave us Iggy Pop and sound editors.

I expect everyone else figured this out long before I did, mostly because I had to LOOK UP THE LYRICS (remember, musically disinclined person here), but it's still funny enough to be worth blogging about.

As is this, come to think of it. Click the link. The picture is too cute for words.


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