Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My War On The War On The War On Christmas

I was getting all depressed about this fundie nonsense regarding the "war on christmas" (apparently, the only holiday ever held this time of year is the Christian one, and so "happy Holidays" is inappropriate. I'm so behind the times). Then some kind person linked to Fuck Christmas, which is the kind of vulgar social commentary I can really get behind.

My spirits were bouyed, but still, I got hives every time I thought about those sanctimonious assholes insisting that this is a time of shopping during which it is the inalienable right of good Capitalists Christians to go about their consipcuous consumption hearing only best wishes for their particular holiday while listening to putrid music written specifically for that Holiday. And then Teresa Nielsen-Hayden posted this and I about laughed my ass off (make sure you read the linked translation).

But then, alas (dude, I just almost wrote the french word for alas -- how weird is that?), I read Dan Savage's column today, and was further depressed by his Straight Rights Update, in which he discusses how the American Family Association has been intimidating corporations into pulling ads from gay publications and refusing to sell the morning-after pill; they're also trying to stop approval of an HPV vacine, because apparently cervical cancer is a just punishment for women who have sex.

But then! Warren Ellis updated with this! Never doubt the beauty that is Edison Hate Future. And once you've laughed inappropriatly at all of those (click the tag to see previous EHFs), blame this one on Al: because if you can't make fun of terrorists, the terrorists have won... or something.


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