Sunday, May 07, 2006

Recipe for OMGWTFBBQ

It's not good, y'all. The machine is BORKED LIKE WOAH, as I like to say. Roughly translated, that means it's a crap shoot whether/how long/how well the computer will work (if I can get it to start up. There's also the "which program will refuse to load this time" lottery. Both my email program and my news aggregator have become too much for poor little iBook to deal with, so I've not been able to keep up with blogs or email as obsessively much as usual. Add Dueling my Mother for Time on Her Computer to the mix, along with a healthy dose of Waiting For the Fricken Apple Credit Card to Come in the Mail, throw in a dash of Most of My Favorite Music is in mp3 Format, a sprinkle of OMG FIMALS WEEK GRADING, stir with a Giant Spoon of Boredom and Anxiety, and you get... One Crazy Lady.


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