Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fun Times

Went on an impromptu, whilrwind trip to Duluth this weekend to celebrate. I haven't been through there since Labor Day weekend of 2005 when we went to Grand Marais. I'm taking this as further proof that 2006 was so awful that it ceased to exist after it ended. At any rate, it felt good to go "home." (NB I wasn't born there, but I'd have stayed there if it had been feasible.) We did the usual Canal Park bumming around, but didn't get up the shore to do any hiking because 1) we weren't there for long and 2) there was still snow from the 12 inches they got last week (damn lake effect).

Today we went to see "Hurricane on the Bayou." Go see it. It has Tab Benoit and a fantastic soundtrack (bought it!) and made me cry and laugh and despair and hope and sing. And also? Omnimax is total crack. I've been to two Omni movies in two weeks, and the format never ceases to awe me. We used to go all the time when I lived in Duluth, and I'm thinking it's time to become a regular here in the cities.


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