Saturday, June 26, 2004

I rode the spanking new light rail train today, in lovely downtown MPLS. My mother and I took the demon spawn down for the day. My lovely cousins are subject to absolutely no discipline at home, so they are unacquainted with the word "no." A typical exchange might go something like this:

Me: No! Don't cross the street in front of the cars!
S: Why? *steps in front of traffic*
Me: *ponders... why indeed?*

That said, the day was a nightmare, and the coolest part was literally the drive home. This was not entirely due to the fact that the brats would soon be delivered back to their rotten parents. We drove past a park on the way back, where there were a bunch of people dressed all in white standing about on a field. Upon closer examination, they were playing cricket. The kids asked what cricket was and actually shut up while I explained my absolutely basic knowledge of the provenance of the game. Bliss.


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