Sunday, June 27, 2004

Still in Minnesota, and apparently still ill. And I mean that in a decidedly non-slang way. I went to bed about an hour ago, but my stomach apparently objects to... well, everything -- especially food -- tonight.

I consoled myself with a MPLS/St. Paul Magazine that the mom bought for me today. Sadly, MSP Magazine does not seem to know much about MSP. Main features discussed "fashionistas" and polo tournaments (in fairness, the cover story was a Prince interview, hence reason for ownership of the damn thing). Now, I know a few Twin Cities residents who are among the young and fairly affluent, and I can spot a yuppy at 50 feet. These are still not people who go to freaking polo matches. Hell, for some of them, high class means changing into a polo SHIRT. Dining out is more likely to involve Olive Garden than Bellanotte.

So yes, I was amused. Here I was reading a magazine aimed at a small group of Minnesota elite (who I'd normally roll my eyes at). I did find out that Josh Hartnett's birthday is next month, though, in case any of you were afraid you'd miss it.


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