Saturday, August 07, 2004

Rumbly in my Tumby

My mother is having a party upstairs. This means that I have not been able to eat all day, as she has been preparing. When asked, she replied "I'll have plenty of leftovers." I mean really, how dare I be hungry when she needs the kitchen? I can just hold it until eight o'clock when everyone's gone.

Additionally, I'm locked in the basement with the cat. Oh well. at least it's not the cupboard under the stairs.

I wonder if she'll let me use the bathroom...

EDIT: OH MY GOD I JUST WALKED UPSTAIRS INTO A DEN OF BITCHY MOTHERS!!! Ladies and gentlemen, directions to hell in these parts include the unusual phrase "go UP one flight of stairs." All I wanted was to fill my fucking water bottle, but no! They were in the middle of an "all of our children are evil" bitchfest.

I came so close to telling them I hadn't eaten all day so they could sit there and call me an ungrateful bitch. Shit. The least they could do is wait until I can't fucking hear them.


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