Sunday, February 06, 2005


How do you procrastinate? I usually crochet, byt was given a challenge from the mom this weekend that had to be met: I taught myself to knit. Sure, I'd done the very basics before, and I've been reading knitting blogs and tuorials for about a year now, but crochet has always seemed good enough for me. But my mom challenged me to knit a poncho (of all things; I swore I'd never wear one), and I am not one to let a challenge go unmet. The poncho is very basic, two rectangles joined together with a hole in the middle, and is half completed. If it turns out, you'll get pictures. If not, I'll frog it and crochet the damn thing. The good news is that if I get the hang of this it will most likely solve the problem I've been having with ELW's kitty hat (I haven't forgotten, babe; the yarn is just not obeying).

In other news, the Twin Cities have a new public radio station. Recent playlist is here. I like that there's a lot of local stuff on there, but beyond that I'm uninspired due to my complete lack of hip. I'd be distraught if I could bring myself to care.


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