Thursday, March 15, 2007

Comments For Frog

Frog, blogger has refused for two weeks to give me a word verification picture so that I can post a comment to your blog. So here's my accumulated comment:

--I love your new backpack, and think you're totally cool for even contemplating anything beyond base camping. I have thought about attempting the Superior Hiking Trail, but have never gotten beyond hiking in about three quarters of a mile from the car. This? Does not require that you bring only what you can carry:-).

--Your most recent posts have really made me grateful for my own village, no matter how much in flux it currently is. I hope your Mr. Bat makes a full and speedy recovery.

--Thank you for your sympathies regarding my grandmother. The support of friends both real and "imaginary" has made today so much more bearable than it would have been otherwise.

Yes, this is what a hiatus looks like when you're apparently incapable of staying away from the internet.

Still on Hiatus

Just stopping in to say that my Grandma died suddenly last night. I'll be offline all day if you're one of the folks I regularly correspond with. Get me on the phone if you need me.