Sunday, June 24, 2007

Proud to Know Him

I haven't really gotten into Twin Cities Pride activities for the past few years. Between the anxiety disorders, the general disconnect of sexually omnivorous individuals from gay and lesbian politics, and the dicey social ramifications of self-defining as something that for most boils down to bi whilst dating someone of the "opposite" sex, I've played it even more quiet this year.

But since almost no one reads this poor, neglected blog anymore I feel I can make a low-key mention of the very best pride-related blog post I've read. It comes from one of the best allies any human, queer or otherwise, could hope to have, and one of the most self-aware-without-being-self-obsessed people I've had the pleasure of meeting. So, go read this post at Chris Uggen's blog. Chris is a sociologist and a music lover, and is very talented at blending the two in a way that causes people to think in new ways without the fear this can sometimes induce. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he lives at the corner of History Street and Biography Way*.

*I'm a recovering sociologist. It's a bad joke. Sue me. Only don't. I have bills.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week in review

Monday: Mom still out of town. Go to work, come home, make dinner and share dinner with a wonderful person (who, incidentally, brings flowers. Roses, actually. DUDE). Go to sleep at reasonable hour after getting smart and locking cat upstairs so that he will not spend another night keeping me awake wondering where mom is.

Tuesday: Go to work, realize there's no point in driving home between work and tap class, ask Jon if I can come visit him and Teresa and Chloe. Get call that Jon and Family are visiting a doctor for longer than expected. Visit Jon and Teresa's house anyway, spend quality time with cable. Spend 15 minutes with actual friends before rushing off to class (thanks for letting me stop by even without you there, y'all!). Tap my heart out for first time in two years. Yay! Home, bed, sleep.

Wednesday: Carpool to work because MOM'S HOME! Come home, putter on computer, enjoy "night off" for the week. Except, phone rings! It is the lovely gentleman referred to above! Would I like to come with him to shop for stuff that he has no other time to shop for because his schedule is even crazier than mine and he may otherwise be unable to see me for Quite Some Time? Refrain from pointing out that not seeing me is considered by some to be a bonus, and motor out the door. Shop, dine, home, sleep.

Thursday: Work, happy hour, Tap, home, *thud*.

Friday: Work, trouble breathing, doctor. Doctor suspects asthma (doctors have done so and been wrong in past, but we try albuterol again); is wrong, prescribes strong antihistamine. Home early, nap, breathing better. Best friend and Small Child come for sleep-over involving Indian food and costume sewing.

Saturday: More sewing! Make cutest little chemise and peasant skirt EVER! All without a pattern! Send Best Friend and Small Child off with feeling of accomplishment. Help Mom's Best friend sort out head shot and resume on SAG website for optimal marketability. Say "I don't know, I'm not an actor" a bazillion times. Get taken out to dinner for troubles. Come home, watch old movies on TMC, crash out.

Today: Knitting, then Dad's Day festivities. I'm going to fall asleep standing up soon, I swear. It's been a full week.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's Mantra

No matter how happy I am, doing cartwheels down the halls at work can only end badly.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Home Alone

The Mom has vacated the premises for the weekend, so I'm here by my lonesome. Sadly, instead of throwing a party or going clothing optional for the duration, I seem to be using the time alone to do things like "laundry" and "purging the bookshelves." Though I did get mildly drunk on Friday night and end up crashing at some friends' house. It was almost like undergrad, only with fewer people and quieter music.

I had a visit from Chloe and her dad today. She gets cuter every time I see her, and had the most amusing bout of hiccups I've seen in awhile. The rest of the afternoon involved grocery shopping, which really makes me the most boring person I know. Sheesh! I must be getting old.

There are, of course, More Interesting Things going on. The date I was so panicked about has spread out into several dates. After watching so many people act so treacherously toward their partners for so long trust comes very hard, but each time we are together I am reminded that not everyone is fickle, vain, selfish, or conniving while operating near the hearts and minds of others.

And, on a related note, if you really think I'm in love with someone I met three months ago*, you need to meet my friend Reality because I don't think the two of you have ever been introduced. I'm just not that easy. Well, OK, my HEART isn't that easy.

*Yes, I've gotten an anonymous comment to this effect. Yes, I did moderate it out of existence. This is not a democracy, and while speculation is always fun, the comment was too bizarrely stalker-ish for my taste.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tapping and Stuff

I'm enrolled in tap dance classes again this summer, for the first time in about two years. Since today's apparently going to be a high-anxiety day (do I no longer know what to do with free time?), I put on the shoes and did some warm-ups, knowing that I'm pretty stiff from disuse.

Y'all. Tap 1 is gonna kick my ass. Literally, as that's exactly where I'm feeling it. Well, kick my ass and gnaw my ankles. And that's just basics.

I'm less anxious, though, so hopefully the library is an obtainable goal now. I've got a costume construction book waiting for me, and I'm thinking a tap video might be something to look for.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Whee, Personal Holiday!

I'm off today, playing hooky because I needed to take a personal holiday before the end of June/fiscal year end. This exciting day's agenda: wake up slowly due to late night; email a member of family Anatidae regarding yesterday's trip to the MIA; go to the father's house to get some of grandma's stuff and sort something on his computer; come home, enroll in benefits for the new job and upload photo's from last weekend's trip up north; take cat to vet; blog. Not much of a holiday it is? Ah, well, we had that last weekend. And I was out of town the weekend before.

And the weekend before that.

Actually, I snapped this week and massively cleaned one of my rooms because I've been out so much that there has been NO TIME for cleaning, even for someone with a minimalist approach to cleaning.

I'm boring the hell of myself with this post, but y'all, you know that we're at DefCon eleventy-two around here regarding personal information. Just know that life is good, and definitely not boring, and I've been unbearably perky lately, which is hilarious because no knows what to do with me.