Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News From Grading Hell

Taking a break from the giant stack of exams that have to be graded by tomorrow to close some tabs and let you all know I'm not dead.

1. Mom has been gone for almost a week, and I've spent most of that time grading papers and exams.

2. My aunt, who is travelling with mom, is presently in a California ER as she's been throwing up all day. This follows a long history of my family getting very ill when they go to Cali.

3. I am, inexplicably, listening to The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. Oh, good, it's over now.

4. There has been some very green stuff eminating from my sinuses. Again.

5. OK, links. We got links. Start with a much more mature discussion of the Batman vs. Al Quaeiouda bizness.

6. Move on to Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis having a nerd war in Warren's comment section (if you do not know who these people are, you really should).

7. Finally, it's good to have Happy Feet (video file).

OK, back to the paper mines with me!

Monday, February 13, 2006


... I'll fix the formatting and html that doesn't work via email once blogger will load and let me log in.

ETA: Fixed! WTF, blogger, WTF?

Posting via email because blogger won't load

Blogger service has been shitty for the past week, so the silence has an excuse other than "my life is boring" this time. My life is presently revolving around the function (or malfunction) of various neurotransmitters, and is both boring and kinda sucky. I go to see the medicine man about this tomorrow.

In more uplifting news, the running program goes apace, with no injury to be reported yet. This is possibly miraculous. The paper writing may be stalled entirely, but at least my back and knee are feeling better.

And in dorkish notes:
Dear Frank Miller,
Fuck off and die. I hate your assface. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. With the dirty old man complex and the all bad guys turn out to be gay complex? HATE.
No love,


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Can't Sleep, Smelly Cat Will Eat Me

What have I been up to?

1. Way too much time in my office. This not having night classes thing really sucks.

2. Cleaning up after a cat whose digestive system seems extraordinarily... malodorous these days.

3. Daydreaming about getting back into trail running (where the hell does one do that in Minneapolis?).

4. There is no number four.

5. Spinning yarn. Yes, I finally capitulated and learned to make my own yarn. My fiber addiction knows no bounds.

6. Hanging bananas from a shower curtain rod with my newly-spun yarn.

7. Reading comic books.

8. Contemplating the question, "how much of a dork am I?"

9. Completing week one of the Couch to 5k without death or serious injury.

10. About 5'6".

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Woohoo, the teevee loves me!

Was station flipping in the vain hope that my bargain basement cable would offer up something to rot my brain to for a little bit before bed. Lo, I have come upon Casablanca, which far exceeds expectations, and has indeed been the object of my recent "I really need to buy that" musings. Now if only I'd known ahead of time so I could set the DVR...

EDIT: "What's your nationality?" "I'm a drunkard."