Monday, March 28, 2005

From the state of Perpetual Family Emergency:

Keep guessing the heroines, yo. I'll be back soon to give the answers. Right now, I have to go see what I can do for my baby cousin (not a baby, but the youngest of my generation), who is having a hell of a time with her pregnancy. Seriously, you really never want to hear that someone's hoping to make minimum gestational period before they HAVE to give birth (she's having contractions; they won't stop).

Prayers, best wishes, thoughts, good vibes, etc. are all appreciated. I'm off to try to feel useful.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Confessions of a Heroine Addict Redux

I got my title image to work. I rock.

Stop making fun of me. I know jack about CSS. Also jack about photoshop.

Major kudos to anyone who can name all of my heroines.

Girly Princess Night

So friend E and I went a-renting at the video store this eveing and decided, upon perusing the new release rack, that tonight would be Girly Princess Night. We rented "Princess Diaries 2" and "The Princess & Me." The former is almost as cute as it's prequel, and the latter is... glorious in it's awfulness. Ten minutes into the movie the scene looked something like this:

Me: This is an AWFUL movie!.
E: And yet, we will watch all of it.
Wackiness: *ensues*
Mind: *boggles*

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Confessions of a Heroine Addict

Clearly, I've been fucking with the blog. Comments should return shortly -- I've been forced to switch from enetation to blogger comments by dint of not being able to make the old script work with the new template. So, if you've said something particularly brilliant in a past comment... get over it. Or get your own blog to collect your brilliance!

At any rate, blog shall be even prettier soon -- oooh, suspense!

Link Dump... of DOOM!

This was a week characterized by stress, insomnia, and some great internet finds. You get all of the goodness and (hopefully) none of the suck.

Ursula K. Le Guin is brilliant. I love that her main concern is valuing all language, rather than reversing the present heirarchy to create a new one.

Thirteen Things That Do Not Make Sense. Some of these break my brain.

Top twenty Monty Python sketches. How many do YOU know by heart?

The ten rules of Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote.

Speech accent archive -- be prepared to lose hours of your life listening to people talk.

Jim Lee draws Jenny Sparks. I love these videos (they're long, so beware, dialup users). I love Jenny Sparks. I've turned into a comic book dorq. Dammit.

Space-Time for Springers is a gorgeous cat's-eye view sci-fi tale. Savor it well.

Lots of good reads -- enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

One of THOSE days

I have about a million browser tabs open for the purpose of blogging and it's sucking my computer's will to live memory. But! I have a shload of work to do before tomorrow and a chip on my shoulder the size of Alaska because today has been a complete bastard. There were at least five instances upon which the words "fuck off and die" nearly passed my lips to actual human beings, so I think I'll leave the brunt of communication until I can be a somewhat nice person (ha!).

Monday, March 21, 2005

Eight dead in US school shooting

Look, mom! We made international news!

Not even remotely funny. What's even less funny is the way the fucking local yokel news monkeys are touting it as "THE deadliest American school shooting since Colombine" like it's a point of pride. The next time some paranoid student wonders why we live in such a "violent nation" I'm pointing at these salivating bloodhounds -- they're showing footage of the deserted, half-lit school building! And now they're recapping shootings from the same reservation that happened a year and a half ago just to say it's not related. And they've moved on to "this is the second school shooting in Minnesota in the past two years" so that they can recap that one!

Jesus Christ on toast, can we please revisit the definition of "news"? As in, information that DIDN'T HAPPEN TWO YEARS AGO AND IS ACTUALLY RELATED TO CURRENT HAPPENINGS!



Saturday, March 19, 2005

Why yes, I should be working.

I hate the revamp of the First Avenue web site, but am nonetheless doomed conditioned to check it frequently. This month or so I'm tempted by at least two acts, though I'll only go to one I'm sure. 10 Foot 5 is presenting their latest act there on April 9th. Rick and Andy Ausland have guest-taught tap classes at the U, and managed to teach my sorry, self-conscious ass more about improve in an hour than I'd learned in a year. They're brilliant, and the gig could become regular if they get the interest, so spread the news far and wide. This is no 42nd Street, folks; these guys are funky.

And since I'm being a raving fangirl tonight, I might as well get it all out of my system. You may have remembered me pointing to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in the past. Today, Neil Gaiman posted a note about a newspaper strip that's runing a frighteningly reality-based "Adult sells sells adult comics to another adult, and gets arrested" (direct quote from posting) storyline. That comic is Funky Winkerbean, and if you start here and read each subsequent day's strip, you'll catch up in a jiff and wait along with me for the resolution of the storyline. Let's hope it doesn't echo the fate of Mike Diana.

OK, I'm gonna go read a bunch of criminology majors' essays about how social factors have nothing to do with an individual's choice to commit crime. Perhaps I should talk to them about how the social stigma I would face within my discipline is the only thing keeping me from beating them about the heads with their textbook during grading time. If it were solely up to me, I'd be booked and awaiting trial on battery by now.

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Fetish Knowledge Test

I'm not sure what to be more disturbed about... the fact that I did this well, or the fact that I know I did better than the person who made this shitty quiz. *grumbles*

You scored 64% for basic knowledge, 71% for advanced knowledge, 50% for perverted knowledge and 19% for obscure knowledge

The Fetish Knowledge Test written by Dunatis2000 on Ok Cupid

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Google this!

Hey, go to google and type "answer to life the universe and everything =" then hit "I;m feeling lucky."

Or, if that's too much work, click here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The War at Home*

That damn "activist judge" in California is apparently a Catholic Republican appointee.

You just never know what kind of rebels will show up in the war against gay people. Key bigoted quote from the article: "We knew Judge Kramer was under tremendous political pressure to redefine marriage, but we were hopeful he would recognize the limited role of the judiciary." You mean the role of deciding whether laws are in compliance with constitutions? Because, er, he seems to have recognized that very well.

The headlines from the war against women.

My state is doing it's part to continue the seige redistributing funds from Planned Parenthood to other "counseling services." Because really, unplanned preganancy is clearly a mental condition; counseling is the answer!

Sometimes they fight on two fronts at once. Take the Gannon/Guckert episode, for example.

Apparently, in addition to using mercenaries for propaganda missions, some pundits are using Gannon's night job for anti-gay propaganda. Because it's not un-American to have a fake reporter feeding the president softball questions at news conferences. What's un-American is teh gay buttsex.

Sadly, this propaganda is becoming especially popular in rural areas where people apparently listen to more talk radio.

*This is what REAL liberal bias in reporting looks like, folks. None of that namby-pamby shit about Dan Rather.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Judge Says California Can't Ban Gay Marriage

Saturday, March 12, 2005


... Tuning in to a Moscow radio station on the internet and hearing very Russian-sounding music... in French. I was all set to try to understand what the song was about in one language, only to have to switch to another.

Possibly this would not be a problem if I had studied something other than languages in high school.

In other news, this is way too much fun. Also, I spent a good chunk of this evening doing research for a performance assignment that's due in two weeks. That's right, I spent the first Saturday night of spring break working on homework. I will now have to do some severe procrastination to make up for this.

Finally, could someone please have a word with the chief asshat in charge of slang? Because the whole "bling-bling" thing needs to be over. Now. Actually, last week. But now would suffice.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Some Things

1. I got my mom to read comic books. Ha!

2. Ryan is an anarchist. Ha!

3. My stomach is once again on the fritz.

4. I'm exhausted.

5. I have finished my homework.

6. Grandma fell and hit her head this morning.

7. This was in follow up to yesterday's episode of removing clothing and running around her assisted living facility half naked.

8. This would all be very disturbing, except that whenever they call us to tell us what grandma's done NOW, they do so in a very matter-of-fact way. This creates a very humorous situation, especially when listening to an altogether too reasonable voice message that ends in "we did this because she seemed agitated, especially when she removed her clothes and started visiting other residents."

9. I'm really not kidding.

10. Spring break is next week. I have exactly three hours of school left before then.

11. I am so far behind on everything I could scream.

(Hey, look! This one goes to eleven!)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Note to Self

Dear CJ,

When you have not had caffeine for weeks and are, in fact, on meds designed to chill you out, it is generally a bad idea to grab a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans and eat them like... candy.

With trembling hands,

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Kind of Holiday

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Abortion foes shun Democrats' proposal to reduce pregnancies

This is hilarious.

"Tony Perkins of the conservative Family Research Council said, 'Their idea of reducing unintended pregnancies is more sex education and distribution of contraceptives. ... That's not the solution, that's part of the problem."

Um... except that every empirically sound evaluation has shown that sex ed reduces unwanted pregnancy. Seriously. I've read the actual studies. You can, too, if you have access to a library that subscribes to refereed journals. Go look it up. Right now. I'll still be here when you get back.

See? So, basically the Republican agenda on pregnancy and abortion is FEAR TEH EDUCATED WOMAN WITH KNOWLEDGE OF HER BODY AND POWER TO CONTROL IT!!!

Awhile back, I swore off procreative sexif Roe v. Wade was reversed. After reading this I'm thinking, why wait? I mean, it's not like I'm giving up much anything, anyway.

Fucking Fuck!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Opposite of War Isn't Peace...*

The death toll for US soldiers in Iraq reached 1500 today. The civilian toll stands at around 17,000.

It's now unconstitutional for the the United States to kill children on their own soil. Though I still have a student who hopes to one day become the first prosecutor to put a six-year-old on death row. Apparently she hasn't been watching the news. I wonder what color skin that six-year-old has in her dreams.

As usually happens when I contemplate death and destruction, I have this insatiable desire to make something, to create something to replace what we destroy every time we decide that human value varies based on how humans look, how much they have, how much they're not like us. I want to pay permanent tribute to those who don't get eternal flames, who die for the sanctimony of others; to beg pardon of their ghosts; to remember why I never want to be like us. Of course, if that creation contains materials that depict violence, even if it's derived from real cases, I could be arrested and even convicted of obscenity. Guess it's good I'm not creative.

Mike Diana's case is the one that really pisses me off. Here's a man who drew a comic based on real life onscenities because he saw people being desensitized by the evening news. For his work he was convicted on obscenity charges in Florida. The CBLDF front page lists more recent attempts at government censorship, including a US Customs seizure of "Richie Bush" parody comics on copyright infringement charges. The problem? Fair Use laws protect parody as a form of criticism. The courts thankfully ruled against Customs on this one. Mike Diana was not so lucky; SCOTUS refused to hear his case.

It's strange, because the period of gvernment sensorship that I'm most familiar with is the early cold war confiscation of nudie pictures that were transported through the mail (if you saw Kinsey, you saw bits of what I mean). Since the fall of communism, terrorism has become the new dark force rising, the new invisable evil. And once again, we find our government waging war by restricting creation to that which will not "corrupt those whose minds are open to such influences," as the original 1868 definition of obscenity put it.

Paulo Freire writes that the vocation of every man and woman is to be human. While there is opression, neither oppressor or oppressed can be fully human, because inequality leaves all parties unstable. Violence has never stopped violence; war has never stopped war; and oppression will never be stopped by more oppression. The need to create new ways of knowing and interacting, the need to create community and get away from this us-vs.-them mentality, the need for creative "revolution," if you will, becomes more apparent every time the nightly news shows the faces of fallen soldiers, then gives a rough number of dead Iraqi civilians. Who will paint their picture, tell the story of their family and achievements, remember their humanity? And when it's done, will it be siezed?

*Title shamelessly gacked from both an anti-war poster and a song from RENT

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Impression Management

Yesterday I had a meeting with a professor. She seems to have a favorable impression of me, which is utterly beyond my comprehension. She first told me that I seemed like I must be "a very good graduate student." Being the Socially Awkward Sociologist that I am, I told her that I was actually a fairly mediocre graduate student. She went on to say many other complimentary things. The final one, made after I thanked her for putting up with my whiny mood (yesterday was pretty crap), was, "you never seem whiny. You have a very positive energy."