Friday, June 30, 2006

Life is Good

White Nights is finally available on DVD this August 29th, and I'm leaving for Seattle on vacation tomorrow afternoon. Sleep now.

See you on the flip side.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Art Monkey

I've been helping my friend Sue to get her gallery set for its next show, Threads In Space. I have a vested interest in this show, as I seem to have made art for it. Photos will be forthcoming, and any one in the Minneapolis area who wants to check it out first hand can do so at the opening on July 8th (details here).

My monkey business has included both getting the gallery ship-shape (repainting walls from previous display) and helping sue with a sculpture that she's working (it's adorable -- this exhibit seems to lend itself to truly adorable art, some of which you can see on the site linked above). At any rate, I decided that I prefer being an art monkey to being a paperwork monkey, and thus the bitter disappointment that is my job search has been slightly assuaged. I even made an art monkey t-shirt design, which I'm wearing to the opening.

This would be a longer report, but Safari is being a bastard, making the noises it tends to make before unexpectedly quitting, so I'm gonna wrap up before it loses my post.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monkeying about

Have changed some things. If you get a chance, let me know what picture you see in my profile section.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Step Three: Profit!

Fans lose trousers to gain entry to World Cup match. Underpants gnomes spotted beneath bleachers.


Freaking red card happy referees! Three players tossed from the US - Italy match on made up fouls. Seriously. This ref BITES. The World Cup was a lot more fun in 2002. You know, when you could hope to see whole teams play for most of the match.


I still have no job, and thus no money to buy this bag that I love liek woah.

Also? Go read Playing With Dolls. Though not if you're at work.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

chris uggen's weblog: minnesotans take manhattan

Uggen's bummin' me out -- he'll be in NYC when Prince plays a free concert. Granted, he likely won't SEE that concert, but my point s that 1) I no longer live in NYC and 2) I live in Prince's freakin' HOME TOWN! Is he playing a free show here? NO! (Erm, well, not that I know of.)

It's a bitch and moan kind of day/week (working on month). Every thing's wrong today: people aren't returning phone calls or emails, my computer keeps switching to Russian type, I'm frustrated with the sculpture that has to be done by the end of the month, and I've done WAY too much driving today. Also, I have allergies. And cramps. And a penchant for TMI. And I got up too early.

I did get to see Abby and Desi (the two tiny people in my life) and their mommas today, though, so I'll quit the crabbypants act and be grateful. And get back to the damn sculpture.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Musical Hijinks

I have this thing with putting together mixes, and tonight I was doing another "songs my best friend can enjoy with her three-year-old" mix, because I know she gets mighty sick of the Wiggles. I try to pick songs that are clean (should be obvious, but as my musical tast tends toward the punk, hip-hop, bawdy, and generally subversive, this is challenging. I also try to find things with clear lyrics and a strong beat, the theory being that a small child can pick up enough to sing along with at least the chorus.

SO. How much do you think Kelly will smack me for including "Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other" on there? I think SHE'LL love the song, but might not love explaining to folks why her daughter is singing about the Love That Dare Not Croon It's Name.

Yep. I'd pay admission to that. *leave it on the list*

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Night Party Zone

Tomato Nation Archives plus Text-To-Speech software equals OMG MY SIDES HURT MAKE IT STOP CAN'T BREATHE TOO FUNNY!

Apes' Rights

Monkey monkey wha-?!

ETA: Just a note -- I love me some critters, an awful more than I love me some trite, empty political posturing. If you give a damn about the wellbeing of ANY animal it helps a lot more to donate time or money to their welfare than to stand around saying that because they've near-human intelligence maybe we shouldn't be mean to them.

Fucksake, does no one realize how awful it sounds to have to JUSTIFY treating any animal well? Near-human intelligence? That's giving an awful lot of credit to humans.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Puttering Around

I'd be strumming the "I need a capo (and possibly an electronic tuner, because I have no ear)" blues, except I suck and I've just picked up the guitar after eleven years.

Hence, the stress-relief blog post!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So. Where the heck have I been? It's been a busy week here, what with all the job huntin', wacky hijinks, and witnessing of traumatic bike vs. car accidents.

What the hell am I on about, you ask?

As you may know, I've bailed from the Ivory Tower. This mean I've got to discover what color my parachute is (and where the rip cord lives) before I hit the ground broke(n). Hence: resumes. Many of them. And correspondingly few words of thesis. Bother.

Online application procedures are proving to be more annoying by far than the creation, printing, and mailing of cover letter-resume-references packets. this is an unexpected level of hell, as the last time I applied for a Real Job the internets were not yet widely used to apply, and thus had not yet overcomplicated the process -- it was as simple as sending the same three documents via email rather than in hard copy. Now one must upload the resume, then watch as the inept software attempts to extract employment and education information from it, while ignoring anything else that does not fit into these categories. And really? I think that, with the inclusion of bachelors and masters degrees on my res, it's a bit redundant to ask where I completed high school. Why would I have taken my precious time to make a pretty presentation of myself only to have your idiot machine mangle it? Not pleased. (Please note, E, that your corp.'s software is a pleasant exception to this; it did miss some of my job experience, but gave me an easy way to remedy that and didn't ask any redundant questions. If you know anyone to pass that on to, please do.)

Wacky hijinks are mostly of the E&M variety and at one point involved the wonders of laptop computers and wireless internet, and an IM that read "the message is coming from inside the house!" As always, we have a strange idea of fun, but it works for us.

The witnessing of traumatic bike accident was not at all fun. I was stopped at a light in the left lane, a pickup truck was passing me in the right turn lane, and a biker was crossing on a bikepath. bike+truck=ouch, so I slammed the car into park, dialed 911, and kept people sorted until real help arrived. Then I got back into the car with the Dad, drove away, pulled into a parking lot and had a panick attack.

The officers on scene were some of the best at scene management and general people skills that I've scene, very low-key and calming, so mad props to the St. Loius Park PD. (Those are hard to get from me, what with the Criminology degree and the too many stories of police misbehavior; this lot were GOOD, y'all.)

So, I'm still having wonky dreams about that mess, and my stomach has been off since then. Let's hope it's not a recurrance of the Summer Crud that I've had the past two summers, because I like food way too much to be unable to keep it down.

That's the State of the Turtle. G'night!

PS How could I posibly have forgotten this!? Nothing has made me this glad to be single in quite a while. Words fail. Laughter reigns.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dear Google,

I hate you.

No love,